It is important to preface this with the fact that you cannot ‘spot reduce’ body fat.
So, sit-ups will not burn fat on your abs and dips will not burn fat on your arms, specifically.
Sadly, you cannot choose where you lose fat from, rather it is lost incrementally from across your body.
Some areas may be more ‘stubborn’ than others.
For the vast majority of people, whether it’s the lower abs, ‘love handles’, or thighs that are stubborn, it is simply a case of extending the fat loss process and the period you are maintaining a calorie deficit.
Depending on your hormonal profile and genetics, you will mobilise fat from different sites on your body at varying rates. However, this fat will mobilise if you create the right conditions to do so through sustained exercise and diet protocols.

In some people, hormonal imbalances may cause body fat distribution to shift. For example, women post-menopause often experience a shift from fat in their lower body to the trunk. Similarly, some men may find themselves developing gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’ in response to elevated oestrogen levels.
The good news is that these changes can be improved significantly or even resolved by reducing inflammation, losing body fat, resistance training and dietary improvements which are central to the ZOLTANTRAINING methodology.