It’s an inevitable fact of life that if you want a different outcome when it comes to successful fat loss, you need to change what you put into the equation. This means that, for nearly all our clients, some degree of lifestyle change is a necessary element of achieving a transformation. After all, the habits that you have developed thus far have brought you to your current situation.
However, that’s not to say that you need to completely uproot your life either. And beyond simply being impractical, this would not be reasonable or conducive to long-term adherence. The changes that are going to get you in great shape – and keep you there – are going to be ones that work best with your unique circumstances.
That’s why we focus on habit changes rather than prescriptive, rigid plans that only work on paper. While there may be some golden rules that we encourage our clients to follow, we won’t try and force you to follow something you just don’t want to do. From the very outset, we work with you to create your nutrition plan; no egg whites and white fish being forced on you here.
Your trainer will likely also ask you to hit a daily step goal. This is because it’s very hard to achieve a consistent calorie deficit necessary for fat loss through diet alone. Remember – it is your energy balance that makes the difference to whether you gain, maintain or lose weight – how active you are consistently throughout your daily life plays a part in this.
However, ZOLTAN won’t just set an arbitrary goal and leave you to it; they will work with you to fit the program into your lifestyle and help you form lifelong healthy habits.
After all, the plan that best fits your life is the plan that you can stick to for life.