"Personal training is very convenient for me because I can also do it at home."


Dr Heidi Holub

Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine



                "With Zoltan I prepared myself physically for my Japan tour in a very short time."


Mate Kamaras

musical performers



                "I used to feel tired all the time. Since I've been training here, I'm much more efficient."


   Dr Nadja Negedly


occupational physician






                    "My body and health has changed after the training."


Dr.Eliana Amaral

Director of IAEA(UN)





              "My trainer guarantees dedicated, highly professional training."


Prim. Dr. Eva Maria Uher

  Specialist in physical medicine




               "We also do a lot of strength training, I wouldn't want to do without this from my training program anymore."


Claudia Hoenigsberger



"Thanks to working with my coach, I no longer have back pain."


  Dr Peter Gruber






               ィーンに短期留学している時に、Zoltantrainingに出会いました。短期間で5キロの減量に成功!本当に嬉しかったです!Zoltan trainerには感謝です。日本に戻っても教えて頂いたトレーニングを続けていきたいと思います。

伊藤 日登美

I came across Zoltan training while studying abroad in Yen for a short time. Succeeded in losing 5 kg in a short period of time! I was really happy! Thanks to Zoltan trainer. I would like to continue the training that I was taught when I returned to Japan.

Hitomi Ito





 "This training saves the doctor."

  Dr.Marina Marcovich





"By training with Zoltan, I was able to achieve results that previously seemed unattainable.

Be it on a physical and mental level.

Zoltan rocks!"

Patrick Senese